Custom Software Development and Databases

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Are you frustrated with the limitations of Excel, Access, or off-the-shelf programs that don’t meet your exact business needs? Verus can quickly solve your business information challenges without the large expense and long development timelines associated with traditional custom databases and programming.

Our approach

When created for your specific systems and needs, custom databases and software can simply and securely store key business data, integrate information, and generate crucial reports to help your business maintain and increase market share and profitability.

Today, forward-thinking businesses make significant investments in computer systems, enabling them to compete more effectively in our fast-paced, technological business climate. From finance to accounting, portfolio management to inventory and contacts, these applications are crucial in streamlining every aspect of operations.

We utilize best-of-breed technologies and tools to create our custom solutions, including relational databases, Web/Cloud access, mobile devices, reporting engines, data warehouses, and online analytical processing (OLAP).

The Vision platform

Our proprietary Vision platform provides the foundation for rich custom database applications, with all the tools needed to quickly and cost-effectively create, deploy, and maintain custom business applications.

Vision includes tools for database design, data entry, lists, security, reporting, data import/export, Cloud access, and more. With all these features, applications can be created in a fraction of the time of developing a custom application from scratch.

Software development and databases

Often the information needs of a business can’t be met with off-the-shelf software. We develop and support custom data solutions to meet your business’ specific needs, including desktop, web, and mobile technologies. Our Vision platform allows custom solutions to be developed at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom development.

Getting started

How do you get started with a custom business database? Start small. Take the most pressing operational need in your business, where access to information is causing inefficiency or restricting your growth. We will tell you what the solution will cost, to make sure your investment produces a positive return. We’ll create the solution to meet your exact needs, and support it after deployment.

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