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Cybercrime is an ever-present threat facing organizations of all sizes. The strategies and attack vectors that cybercriminals rely on are always evolving. There is no silver bullet to guarantee an effective security posture, nor a single defensive mechanism that can ensure security across modern networks. In order to defend against today’s threats, we take a layered approach to cybersecurity.

Many think of a layered approach to cybersecurity in terms of technology and tools. This means having various security controls in place to protect separate entryways, including network firewalls, endpoint protection, consistent platform updates, and secure email gateways. While these solutions are all part of a layered security approach, it actually goes well beyond deploying layers of different security tools. For cybersecurity to be effective, organizations must also consider how they leverage people and processes. When combined into a single, integrated framework, an overlapping strategy based on security tools, people, and processes yields the most effective defense.

Employees can create some of the greatest risks to cybersecurity. However, when they are well informed, they can also be an asset and a first line of defense. We strongly recommend regular security training sessions throughout the year to keep employees aware of potential scams and the ways they can make their organization vulnerable. We also utilize tools for password management, helping create strong passwords that are unique to each account and not reused, ensuring personal and work passwords are separate.


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