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Flat-rate support – Budget your IT expenses

Imagine being able to finally have a predictable budget for your IT support. How many times has your staff wasted time attempting to solve IT problems on their own to save money on support calls? Technology issues will get resolved faster if your entire staff can call for support without worrying about hourly charges. Wouldn’t your business run better if your staff didn’t have to worry about IT problems?

With Verus TotalCare, you can focus on your business, knowing that all of your IT needs are covered under our flat-rate support plan. You will have fewer issues, less downtime, and a no-surprises, flat-rate plan that’s designed to work for businesses.

Proactive IT management

Verus is dedicated to keeping your technology up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business. Have confidence knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT personally. We strive to keep your staff productive with the IT tools and support they need to move your business forward.

With Verus Total Care, no annual commitments are required, and all project work is done at a discounted rate.

Fixed priced IT services

Helpdesk and Remote Support
We provide Desktop support and service for any computer, network, software, e-mail, or Internet issue. Whenever you have ANY technology related problem, we are here to help.
We provide complete documentation of your IT Systems and related policies and procedures.  Written documentation about your systems in the cornerstone of compliance.
Business Continuity
We check your backup DAILY to ensure that it was successful. We know how critical business information is to our clients, so we make sure that your backups are being done properly. If your backup does fail, we waste no time figuring out what went wrong so we can prevent it from failing in the future. We also do periodic backup restores to ensure the data is all there.
Your network and its security is the foundation that dictates the performance of the core technology you use to run your business. When you work with sensitive data you must be sure your network is secure. Conversely, outdated or inefficient network infrastructure can create a drag on productivity that stifles business growth. We help you build a flexible, future-focused foundation for your company 
Server and PC Administration
Servers are the heartbeat of a network. Because we know how vital your company’s servers are we keep a watchful eye on them. We also perform active maintenance on this important computer to make sure you stay up and running.

Don’t leave your PC endpoints open to attack, vulnerability, and performance degradation. Maintaining the security of your business data is tougher – and more critical – than ever. Our PC administration ensures proper security controls are in place and your PC is clean and running with optimal performance.

Your Network is a crucial element to your success so it deserves regular care to perform at an optimal level. As your IT specialist, we monitor the overall health of your network on a daily basis, ensuring your technology maintains the best condition possible. Our monitoring is hard at work even when you’re not! 
Asset Inventory
We audit your entire network for hardware and software.  We provide you a detailed inventory of your IT assets. This valuable information help ensure compliance and maintain security
Virtual CTO
vCTO reviews the efficiency of your current systems, security, and backup and disaster recovery plans. The vCIO develops plans that align with your business goals regarding your network and security, and put them into action.


Equipment Purchasing
We act as your vendor neutral advocate to get your the right equipment for the right price. Our purchasing experts work for you!
Renewal Tracking
Our licensing and renewal experts keep you in compliance and up to date with your software licenses, contract renewals and lease terms.  We take the hassle out of IT.
If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your business’s IT Managed Service needs, please contact us. We support businesses of all sizes and industries, and we’d love to help yours too.